1387 E South Boulder Rd, 路易斯维尔, CO, 美国 |+1.(303)604-9999 |  jjasian888@gmail.com

Hello Customers,

We are a restaurant that is located in Louisville, CO. I the owner and most of our staff is well experienced in the restaurant business so we will always try our best to deliver the best Sushi, Japanese, and Chinese food in the community. Enough about us you want to know about the food.

Well we have sushi from raw to cooked, spicy to non spicy, and we have a large selection of rolls and fishes. We also have hibachi that we cook back in the kitchen so that no one can get hurt or get oil on there cloths. On our hibachi, we have a large selection like from just vegetables to steak to lobster tails. If you can't make a decision then we have hibachi combos were you get a choice of two. On the side of Japanese food we also have great choices of noodles and teriyaki entries. Last but not least,  we have Chinese food with amazing choices of vegetables, proteins, and spices to make your mouth water!

Come in and give a try!!!